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I have always been a Sensitive, a Psychic, and a frolicking fairy as my Higher Self likes it to be known. By Sensitive, I MEAN that I am awakened to the present time, here in the 3rd plane reality, while also seeing and interacting with the consciousness and entities residing in the Spiritual frequencies of other Planes around us; all of the time. (I’ve always enjoyed my alone time, as I never truly felt alone!)

Basically, because of that AWESOME and truly under-appreciated heart and mind I have, I was socially petrified in my younger years. So I performed, made art, and made my friends laugh.

At age 5–8, I controlled and I could see 100% all timelines in astral travel during my dream state. Comfortably, in my own Theta brain wave patterns, I never wanted to wake up. I wanted to hang out with Angels on the 5th plane and float around the big Library with the Laws on the 6th plane forever.

So, waking up here was paralyzingly limited. And it was horrifying seeing what I knew to be true everywhere I was, and not being able to make others see it also.

I was censored from far too early in life, by the modern predictability of me the baby sheep/the bully(my sister) dynamic living within our Nuclear American Family. Fear of others' perception resides in most of us, at the early stages we retain each one that hurts. Then by doing so, we create the Resentments and Fears that grow and mature with us and form our belief systems buried within.

So, to disassociate into safety from a troubling dynamic within my childhood home, I RAN; as far away from my Spiritual Gifts as possible.

For many years, close to 20 years, I walked through the illusion of life, being upside down inside, doubtful, and insecure, because of this running from myself.

It led me NOWHERE but closer to death at my own unknowing hand.

I moved from home in North Carolina to an unknown world in Ohio at age 14… Hormones and Trauma beginning to come to the surface.

I unknowingly allowed invisible, ignored, and unappreciated non-human entities to convince me that I was nothing Divine, or light-inspiring, or special.


I truly feel it wasn’t hunger, but an unbearable sadness that caused this myocardial infarction. Because that is what it was, a symptom. A symptom of Sadness + Identity Crisis.

I did not know I had a controlling sickness in the form of food addiction. Years after anorexia subsided, I struggled with binging and purging and that never-ending cycle of unhealthily obsessing over food, or throwing it up, or restricting my life and experiences, from insecurity and guilt around food. I was like a heroin addict shooting a needle in their arm: For over 10 YEARS.

So there was my heart attack at 16, then an accidental overdose two years later at 18, and then 3 near-fatal car accidents surviving unharmed since 2007. I survived AND NEVER played the victim even when I was roofied and captured by 4 strangers for 2 days, being gang-raped for 2 days at age 19 in a far state, with no family or friends to help.

Just an Angel in a human shell.


I am overwhelmed with joy and unconditional love to give the world now. Now 10 years later, I cry joy and weep joy, and give joy through my work, for those who feel pain and I want to diminish that pain.

I want you all to know me as a symbol of undying and resilient HOPE.

I want to give that to anyone who’s feeling all or any of that which I have endured and survived —


My absolute awareness spawning from pain has instilled renewed pride in me each day. All of my “re-births” or awakenings from sorrow with each hardship makes me wiser, stronger: I feel I am always ahead and in control of my life now. I love what I do and how I help people.

I am starting the journey of writing my memoir/novel now. By starting, I know I will follow through on finishing and publishing my work. I left my job that was metaphysically killing me more each day in August 2020, as it was for a global Pharmaceutical company and was advocating and contractually obligating me to LIE to the people each day about Covid. Nonsense! I am sickened at liars and the thought of harming others by lying. Which is all dishonesty does. Breeds and spreads harm and governed by Misery.

By September, I had started and registered my business, Psychic Healing By Sydney, and began receiving rewards and gained faster manifestation results for doing so. So, that has set me on my Divine path to enlighten the world and those who do not know me yet. I AM READY TO BE SEEN AND HEARD AS ALL OF MY TRUEST SELF.

I love helping people's hearts if they ask me for help. I do that naturally and effectively by using my Abilities and ThetaHealing Techniques instead of running or giving up. I also utilize my own modality design for psychic readings I have named the “Energy Reading Illustration”.

It has led me to this process, and to share my story over social media and to the world, which used to bully me many times over because I was different. My favorite miracles are the gift of compassion and forgiveness.


I am proof.

Thank you for listening.

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